Health Coaching

In my Health Coaching I do not believe in strict diets, counting calories or denying yourself that glass of wine you want with dinner.

Working on a healthy lifestyle

As a person and in my health coaching practiceI believe in a healthy, balanced lifestyle. One where we eat a lot of vegetables and have healthy meals in everyday life. A lifestyle where during the weekend we can drink wine with friends or enjoy some dessert with the family. In other words, a realistic and balanced way of living. And…A lifestyle in which we can do all that in good conscience. For example, I always tell my clients to remember to not just drink the coffee…but also really smell it, savour it. Learn to love yourself, and enjoy the moment.

You will find no calorie counting or weighing your food in my health coaching, because I prefer to teach you to listen to your body and what it needs. I want to help you treat your body and mind with respect. Through my experience I have learned that the more rules you have for yourself the easier it is for you to fail. The more you can listen to your body, the less rules you need. 

Personal coaching for your healthiest life

Together we can build up some new health habits that won’t add stress your daily life but instead will give your new energy. Weight loss is often just a bonus, as are many of others positive things you will feel.

 I am keen to tailor make a new lifestyle together with you that will match your dreams for a healthier life going forward.

Through my health coaching, I will support you with the challenges that you face in your everyday life. I believe in changing our daily habits to better ones. I believe that our mind and body have to work together.

Finally, I believe in being patient and I believe in YOU.

to get started with conscious, healthy living? Waking up with a positive mindset and going through the day with healthy habits? Would you like to feel more confident knowing that you can naturally love and respect your body, keeping it healthy and fit? After all, health is a relationship between you and your body! All you need is to find the right resources that will support your growth: and I am here to help you with your new lifestyle. No more quick fixes or temporary patterns. Together we will work on building those solid healthy habits!