About Charlotte


About Charlotte LinnebjergMost people know what a healthy lifestyle would be for them, but one thing is what we know and what we do is quite another. As a health and lifestyle coach I am happy to give you all the right tools to start living healthier..without making it too complicated! 

My name is Charlotte Linnejberg, and I work with clients from all over the world. As a result I have built a lot of experience and a beautiful and varied client base. Currently I am located in Copenhagen but with online coaching I can help clients not only in and from Denmark, but from anywhere in the world.

With my online health & life coaching I help you to create your most healthy and happy life. Because it’s online you we’re not bound to location. So whether you live in Denmark or in any other country around the world, we can always do our coaching sessions. All you need is a wifi signal to benefit from my services. 

I believe in a healthy and active lifestyle without counting calories, and during the weekend we should drink wine and eat dessert: Because everything in moderation is part of a healthy lifestyle. I would like to help you to connect to yourself and treat yourself with love and respect. You can become healthier and happier, and certainly enjoy your life even more! 

Prior to becoming a Health Coach at Charlotte Linnebjerg CLway2go, I specialized in personal training for almost twenty years. I achieved excellence in my own fitness during that time, as I enjoyed playing team sport at international level. I also completed several full marathons around the world. Due to my own experiences, I realized there is so much more to healthy living than just physical exercise. This then led me to undertake specialized qualifications in nutrition and mindset. Since then I’ve worked with clients on how to successfully get our body and mind on the same team: working together. Today, I feel much healthier in my body than I did 20 years ago. 

Most importantly, the reason why my clients choose me as a Health Coach is that I combine a personal approach with a positive mindset, and I motivate my clients as individuals. Furthermore,  I operate at the highest level of professionalism in my coaching practice. I am geared towards continuously seeking solutions for obstacles and routes to their success.

I hope to see you soon!

Charlotte Linnebjerg  

As a Person I’m known to be :

– Patient & Honest

– Energetic & Empathic 

– Positive outlook on life

– Goal Driven

– Purpose is important for me

My Business experience:

– Life & Wellness Coach

– Motivation speaker

– Nutrition adviser

– Personal trainer

– Mediator

– Weight- loss Coach