“Working with Charlotte has been a chance to put back some (lots of) happiness in my life – answering questions or finding the insights I needed to find back the joy that I had lost, and making sense again of work and love. Charlotte works with that wild combination of being very straightforward, joyful and warm, but then also deep, insightful and able to gently kick your butt, so you can softly, joyfully, create the change you want to create.”

” You helped me identify the areas I needed to concentrate on, but also helped me to see my personal strengths that I already have that will support me in achieving my goals. You have also offered future help through the practical steps that I will need to work through.”

“Charlotte’s services came highly recommended via a friend. I am so happy that I met Charlotte. I was at a loss hoot manage my menopausal symptoms and just discussing a battle plan & feeling that Charlotte was my wingman really helped me. I am not on a diet now but I have changed my eating habits and lifestyle. I still have a long way to go but I am already feeling so much more in control.”

“Working with Charlotte has been life changing . I have developed new-found resilience, confidence and at long last, an ability to enjoy life. Charlotte picked up on deep-seated issues that I didn’t even realized existed and helped me take ownership of those issues to get back to my true self. She has been a rock and so supportive, while simultaneously being honest and promoting what I can do and how. If you are wobbling in life and need a practical, helping hand, Charlotte is absolutely the person you need on your corner. I will miss our sessions and I am ever grateful for the person Charlotte has enabled me to become and for her awesome, down-to-earth and pragmatic personality, which never fails to inspire. Thank you Charlotte for all you do for your clients and for you kick-ass sessions.”

“During our nine sessions she was immensely supportive, providing me with a framework in which to work through my ideas and goals. Charlotte is amazing to have in your corner – she was very helpful in making sure I didn’t just think and talk about what I was going to do, but pushed me to make sure I put things in my calendar so they would actually happen and I could move forward! When I look back at where I was a few months ago to now, I really feel good about the work I’ve been able to do with her help, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a supportive, *real* coach.”

“You see the world for what it is and people for who they really are. You read between the lines and ask exactly the right questions at exactly the right times to bring those breakthrough moments. I felt like I could be myself in our sessions. I never felt judged. I’ll miss our talks.”

Charlotte is always very helpful and understanding. I always go home with great feeling and a peaceful mind.